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The Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage (RMSAAM) is pleased to offer Small and Large Animal Acupressure and Massage certification programs as well as continuing education classes, and workshops in both an On-site and Correspondence format.

Our programs are designed for each individual’s unique needs. Enrolling in our correspondence programs will allow you to study in your own home and at your own pace. Enrolling in one of our On-Site programs will prepare you, quickly, for a career in Equine or Canine Massage or Acupressure. Depending on which program you register for, you will spend zero to seven days at one of the several RMSAAM locations. During these on-site days, you will participate in canine and/or equine labs, experience case studies, and participate in supervised practice sessions that will prepare you for a written final exam and live practical on the final day.


Research The Animal Massage Laws in Your State

To find out what the laws are in your state, click here. Not all information is completely up to date and we can not be responsible for the sites of others so please make sure you confirm the information with other resources.


What Is A “Certification” In Animal Massage Or Acupressure?

RMSAAM combines it’s tried and proven curriculum, state credentialed and experienced instructors, and a strong Code of Ethics to bring students the best adult education experience available. Our curriculum and our instructors strive to exceed student’s needs and expectations before, during and after their studies. We continue to ensure the highest quality in our curriculum, instructors, educational materials, guest speakers, and student and graduate support offerings.

Once you have successfully completed course requirements you will receive your certificate of Certification through Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage (RMSAAM). This certificate verifies that you have successfully completed all required study, classroom work, hands-on hours and testing in your program of study.

This certificate is a professional document from a state approved institution of higher education, RMSAAM. If you are in the state of Colorado (or any other state with similar animal massage laws) and plan to work with a veterinarian you should be prepared to show this document to the veterinarian and always have it on hand either in your office or on mobile appointments as proof that you have met state requirements.

RMSAAM’s reputation for quality is unsurpassed. We are recognized around the world for our top-notch instructors, excellent curriculum, published educational materials and testing standards. RMSAAM is a pioneer in the animal massage industry and in the political arena helping to write and pass laws allowing animal massage practitioners to practice what they have studied hard to achieve and love to do.

Why RMSAAM requires case studies

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