Students Testimonials

Testimonial from Alexandra Bennett, Owner of Barking Princess:

After completing my NBCAAM certification in Canine Acupressure, I wanted to take it a step farther and become certified in Canine Massage. I searched for a school that was NBCAAM approved, and that was in a location that held some appeal to me. I completed all three levels of canine massage with RMSAAM. I loved the small class size and individual attention that was especially helpful for hands-on training. Tracy Vroom is highly knowledgeable in canine and equine bodywork and craniosacral work, essential oils, and herbalism. She is open and shares information, and truly cares about making the world a better place for animals. Tracy is very spiritual and brings a metaphysical awareness to the material for those who are interested. I recommend RMSAAM to anyone looking to deepen their canine or equine bodywork knowledge.

Q&A with Lachlan Hughson, Equine Levels 1-3 graduate:

Q: Why did you decide on RMSAAM courses? 

Lachlan: I wanted to undertake a course that focused exclusively on horses and was close to Denver – plus the opportunity to learn and work with rescued and abused horses through Zuma’s was also very important to me.

Q: Which courses have you completed? 

Lachlan: Equine Massage Therapy – Levels 1, 2, 3.

Q: What would you like to say about the RMSAAM instructors and the course material?

Lachlan: The material presented for all three levels supported the hands-on experience with the horses themselves.  The materials give the student a broad framework to understand the horse’s body and how massage can help them in many ways.

Q: How have you applied the knowledge you learned from these courses in your profession? 

Lachlan: Yes – as both an equine massage therapist and as a barefoot trimmer for horses.

Q: How has RMSAAM helped to enhance your career? 

Lachlan: It has given me a qualification that is well recognized in the industry, especially in Colorado, and introduced me to a range of equine practitioners I would probably never have met.

Q: Who can benefit from RMSAAM’s courses? 

Lachlan: Anyone who has an interest in horses – whether that is as a massage therapist, a rider, a vet, or other service/modality provider.  Understanding the horse and how beneficial touch can be to their mind, emotions and body will only help you better understand how to communicate with your horse in a range of different circumstances.

Q: What other RMSAAM classes do you plan to attend? 

Lachlan: Craniosacral in the near term.  

Testimonial from our Canine Instructor Gillian Edwards:

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