Equine Applied Behavior Clinic


    Elena Bajona – Ethologist, Equine applied behaviorist

    4-day PROGRAM

    This program is based on a thorough knowledge of horse behavior and a deep scientific connection. This approach allows us to fully understand the language and emotions of the horse. We can get to know what is actually considered natural in all the methods that exist today under the umbrella of “Natural Horsemanship.” Then we can apply the true principles of natural communication. It’s very important to understand natural horse behavior to more effectively work with our equine friends. One of the best ways to do this is by learning what is considered wild vs. domesticated. This program operates from a professional, intuitive, non-coercive and interactive nature. It represents an exceptional opportunity to increase your understanding, trust and connection with your horse.

    Cost: $800 (on campus)

    Private sessions, by appointment: $60/hour

    • $ 800.00
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