Our on campus classes have resumed.

New for 2020:
Weekend Online Equine and Canine Massage Courses are NOW Available!

Exciting New Classes:

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Coming this Winter:
Canine Massage classes at the beautiful Key West, Florida Campus

Our Calendar has been updated with new classes and added dates for 2021

And remember – Our Large & Small Acupressure class is now available via online Correspondence

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Current Information:

RMSAAM guidelines as of 6/1/20. These are subject to change based on CDC and DPOS policies. Thank you for you business and  please stay safe. 

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Upcoming: Equine Applied Behavior Webinar by Elena Bajona – Ethologist, Equine applied behaviorist

Discover the deep scientific connection with the horse, allowing you to fully understand the language and emotions of the horse. This program unveils all the methods that exist today under the umbrella of “Natural Horsemanship,” as well as the true principles of natural communication. Equine Applied Behavior also covers:

  • Learn what is considered wild vs. domesticated.
  • Increase your understanding, trust, and connection with your horse.

The Equine Applied Behavior webinar operates from a professional, intuitive, non-coercive and interactive nature.

Date: January 30-31, 2021 – This program will fill up fast.

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