In this 3-day interactive class for owners and professionals, discover more about fascia and how restoring balance to the fascial network has such a profound impact on whole-body wellness.  Learn practical techniques to see, feel, and release tension and trauma patterns in your horse.
Concepts learned in class:
 – Learn to restore health physically, emotionally, and mentally.
– Anatomy of Fascia
– Enhance your feel: through hands-on exercises, you will fine-tune your touch and learn new techniques to release fascial tension patterns and create expansion in the body.
– Learn to identify and restore structural asymmetries and compensation patterns.
– Deepen your understanding of tensegrity and the interconnectedness of the body.
– Learn to incorporate mindfulness into your bodywork and learn how it will enhance your bodywork and relationship with your horse.

Sept 29-Oct 1, 2023 10am-5pm

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