In this self-paced / self-discovery program, you will find your way to a better connection with your horse, yourself, and your inner knower.  Based on years of deep listening to my many horses, one, in particular, led me to understand that above all things, listening changes everything.  Take the time it takes to meet your horse where they are & meet yourself where you stand.  

Lori Bridges, instructor

Spirit Horse Medicine is a series of lessons to connect you to yourself, your horse as well as the equine species. It is a deep dive into that connection that takes time and commitment. The stronger bond that we seek with our horses is a life journey and must be taken one step at a time. As you progress through this program, you will do the exercises and journal about your discoveries and observe magical outcomes reveal themselves before you.

Lori offers personal mentoring in the event that you have questions or need guidance.  Mentoring is available by phone or email.




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