Animal Communication 1 with Gill Edwards

$ 275.00



Animal Communication 1 – An Introduction to the Essentials of Animal Communication

Are you looking to better understand your animals, to know what they are feeling and thinking? Do you wish you could know what they are trying to tell you without the guesswork of working through the checklist of hungry, potty break, play, walk? Animal Communication 1 is an in-person 5 hour daytime class at the Littleton campus that will teach you the essentials of communicating with your animals, opening your natural intuitive abilities, and using various techniques, including an easy 10-step process, to enable a two way communication.

Agenda includes:

● How Best to Connect with Animals

● What is Blocking Your Trust

● Communicating with the Senses

● The 10 Step Process

● Exercises/Practice

Gillian Edwards is a Colorado-based Animal Communicator, Karuna / Reiki Master-Teacher, and a Canine Massage / Conditioning practitioner. She is also an International best selling author and instructor at the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage. With the belief that holistic therapy is centered on love, empathy and respect, Gillian uses her knowledge and skills to help improve an animal’s health and happiness, which can strengthen and deepen their connections to their human companions.

Location: Littleton Campus

Dates: April 15th and May 12th

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