Energy Healing for Animals

$ 150.00



Discover your unique healing abilities and enhance your intuition in this exciting one-day course! Learn how to use energy medicine to balance your animal companion’s body, energy meridians, chakras and aura.

Power Packed Agenda 

– Energy Medicine: History, basics of using energy for healing, types of energy medicine. Sending and perceiving energy.

– Your intuitive style. Learning how you uniquely perceive energy and intuitive insights; learning to explore your unique style will open up more paths to healing.

– Chakras and auras.

– Setting boundaries and not taking on what is not yours.

– Partnered work feeling/Scanning for energy on the animals.

– How to conduct an energy healing session and practice sessions with animals.

April 29th, 2023, 9:00am – 5:00pm (only 3 spots left!)

Sign up now through March 31st and receive a complimentary intuitive reading from Kellie Ward. She will work through energetic blocks and help guide you to your healing gifts! 

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