Equine Lymphatic Drainage

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This is a 3-day certification course. This class explains the history of this modality, covers the structures and the functions of the equine lymphatic system. Participants will learn specific terminology to describe the regions of this system as well as indications plus contraindications for lymphatic drainage therapy. At the end of the third day, students will be able to complete a full body lymphatic drainage treatment. Previous basic anatomy knowledge is required. You must have completed our level 1 massage course, level 1 craniosacral course or equivalent from another school. Certification is optional.

Instructor: Christa Veinotte, Equine Rehab Specialist and Developer of Hestaband Kinesiology Tapes

Established in 1999, Christa has been a registered massage therapist in 3 Canadian provinces with over 60 000 career treatments completed. Her focus is equine rehabilitation and treating high performance athletes including world cup and Olympic horses in almost every FEI discipline.

She specializes in advanced Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral therapies and in 2013 became the 1st Canadian to study Equine Kinesiology Taping. She is a respected clinician, published author and course developer.

In 2018, Christa finalized the prototypes for her own line of equine kinesiology tapes. Late in 2020, she formed the company Hestaband which now sells kinesiology tape for animals around the world.

A fierce advocate for teamwork, Christa aims to support other therapists by providing them with a premium quality kinesiology tape so they can enhance the lives of horses they treat.

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