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Canine Advanced Massage 

(Senior Canine Massage Therapist, SCMT)

This course focuses on senior massage, including:

  • Specific massage techniques that have a geriatric and quality of life focus including circulatory and palliative massage
  • Specific massage techniques assist the immune system, help reduce pain, inflammation, and maintain a range of motion.
  • Grief counseling and end of life issues
  • Common conditions and injuries of geriatric dogs, their pathology, and the accepted protocols currently used in veterinary medicine for treatment.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Energy work
  • Massage for inflammatory conditions
  • Ceremonies – Including an introduction to specific essentials oils, herbs, and the use of color
  • A basic introduction to sound and color therapy
  • Continued development of assessment skills
  • Anatomy focus on the lymphatic system, joints, and nerve supply
  • 100 home study cognitive hours

Introduction to therapeutic massage must be taken first, other massage classes may be taken in any order.

Once you are ready, there will be a final written exam to take, in addition to a video submission of your practicum. Any student is welcome to schedule a time on-site at one of our campuses in place of submitting a video. The final step is the post coursework in the form of case studies. These act as your “real-life” experience and this is how you will get your final certification.

Please Note: Contact us via email to obtain the correct Enrollment. If you have any questions, please call the RMSAAM office at 303-660-9390.

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