This combination online plus 4-day hands-on course will take your sports and rehab massage practice to that next level.  Hundreds of massage therapists, physical therapists, and veterinarians have taken this course, many of which have declared it a game-changer for their practice.

The online portion of the course will focus on functional anatomy with discussions of how muscles function at the cellular level including the neuromuscular junction, general musculoskeletal anatomy, and functional anatomy of many of the troublesome muscles affecting canine athletes and other highly active dogs.

The 4-day hands-on portion of the course will introduce you to canine trigger point therapy, hands-on skills to evaluate range of motion of select joints, and detailed protocols on how to identify and treat trigger points of the muscles affecting the neck, shoulders, elbows, lumbar back, hips, and stifles.  Additionally, special attention will be given to the iliopsoas muscle group.

About the instructor and developer of these techniques:  Ken Bain has been providing canine body work since 2003 and took his practice to the human level in 2005.  In 2006, he specialized in human trigger point therapy based on the work by Travell and Simons.  Using this foundation, he spent four years developing and fine tuning these techniques for the canine body.  His work has made Ken one of the most popular therapists and instructors in the canine sports market.  Ken loves passing on his knowledge and experience to other therapists.

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