Equine and Canine Acupressure Level 2 – in Longmont, CO


Location: Longmont, CO

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(40 Live Seminar and 80 Home Study   120 Total Hour)

Continuing in your Equine and Canine Animal Acupressure training, this Level 2 program consists of the following topics:

  • Study of Five Element Theory and the application to animals
  • Patterns of disharmony
  • Specific conditions for the Canine and Equine
  • Study of groups of powerful AcuPoints and the application to animals
  • Picking point for treatment
  • Point locations and energetics
  • Introduction to tongue analysis, pulse diagnosis, oils, and flower therapy
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On the final day of class, you will be prepared to complete a live practicum and final written exam. Following your five-day class, you will have post coursework in the form of case studies. These act as your “real-life” experience.


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